Project Description

An 18-hole miniature golf course designed and built by Milwaukee area high school students, in order to enhance project-based education around workforce, design, engineering, and build.

18 Greens and the Small Machines invites play and innovation while lifting new narratives of neighborhood identity and boundaries. Rooted in one of the most segregated cities in America, this project will engage residents across 18 diverse neighborhoods in a design-build process to create 18 models that lift a vision of vibrant and inclusive communities. Under the artistic direction of the Reginald Baylor Studio, these models will be fabricated into an 18-hole miniature golf course and installed in a vacant school building on Milwaukee’s Northside. Each model on the course will represent the ideas, creativity, ingenuity and aspirations within our neighborhoods. Once installed, the art will become a fully-functioning golf course, inviting people across the city to play together and envision and experience an integrated Milwaukee.
Residents who are selected to engage in 18 Greens and the Small Machines will collectively form a diverse cohort across Milwaukee’s cultures and geography. They will participate in community sessions that strengthen their relationships across neighborhoods and build their understanding of neighborhood development to prepare them for meaningful engagement in the design-build process. Residents will have full creative power to design their own model concept and will work with design teams to fabricate these visions into golf course models. The hands-on process is also designed to spark creative passions and catalyze innovative mindsets.
As a mini-golf course, 18 Greens and the Small Machines will be accessible to people of all ages, generations and cultures to experience. Play sparks imagination, opens natural paths for social interaction, and creates shared experience. The entire process will be documented and produced as a full length documentary film.