Project Description


A cartoon story that follows a fashionable female African American superhero from Milwaukee, who by day fights for the mental health betterment of the community, by night she defends peace in the universe.

Afronaut (The NEXT Museum) is a fashionable female superhero cartoon from Milwaukee… for Milwaukee. She is a platform seen in comic book form, in products and in an animated cartoon. You will see Afronaut and her sidekicks fight for the betterment of the community through stories written by and for the community. Organizations in need of a platform to exhibit their message of community health improvement will use Afronaut as a tool to tell that story and to get the message out.

The NEXT museum and it’s mission is to provide a platform such as Afronaut, to engage in projects produced by the community for the enhancement of the community. Afronaut herself, is a mental healthcare professional by day, she focuses on the well-being of the members in the community that may struggle with issues of trauma, social isolation, and anxiety. By night, Afronaut defends the peace in the universe alongside her trusty sidekicks.

Afronaut’s sidekicks go into battle using their powers relating to SCTEM: Science, Creativity, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The scientist is an older adult female, the adult creative is a male character, a teenage sidekick succeeds in the technology field, there are two young twin children who are engineers, and finally a teen female mathematician.