Project Description

An entertaining documentary film that takes a diverse group of Milwaukeeans to explore other cities to connect and exchange the cultural capital of what works in our collective creative industries.

BSMKE is an entertainment show that takes neighborhoods to specific destination cities that have common origins, structures, and similar cultural and economic obstacles to overcome.
BSMKE will follow a diverse group of Milwaukeans as they explore other cities to connect and exchange the cultural capital of what works in our collective creative industries.
By showcasing Milwaukee and the cities visited, BSMKE cultivates problem solving partnerships while sharing and exhibiting solutions.
What we learn and extract from these connections will help us build a more creative and imaginative city and will provide potential tools for the cultivation of the creative economy while shedding a light on the creative industry in each city.


The ambassadors are in pursuit of community beautification.
The ambassadors exhibit the highest level of cultural capital and diverse equity.
The ambassadors are a diverse group from the community, for example; artists that are involved in community organization, educators, entrepreneurs, health care service, civic/government officials, designers, musicians, engineers, technology professionals, activists, etc.
BSMKE consists of:
10-15 ambassadors.
A film crew of 5 who are also active as ambassadors.
5 project managers who act as ambassadors as well.


Five BSMKE project managers will travel to a chosen city destination on a fact finding mission to identify the cities creative assets. They will explore various neighborhoods in the city to find hidden gems, social environments that are thriving and underserved communities.
The project managers will focus on establishing launching points for the connection itinerary.
The project managers are also tasked with finding a host or single individual in the destination city that will assist in the 4 day BSMKE trip.


Each individual ambassador will be interviewed before the trip this is the “before”.
Questions asked are: What is your vision for milwaukee?
what is your profession?
why did you accept this BSMKE challenge?
what do you know about the destination city?
what is your relationship with the other ambassadors on the trip? etc.


BSMKE will take off with the 20-25 creative ambassadors from Milwaukee and land in our destination city ready to engage. This is also where the filming begins, at the terminal, and continues for the whole 4 days. Our itinerary of mandatory launching points are places where ambassadors interact authentically and establish friendships, share stories and explore. Ambassadors ask questions and begin an exchange in order to capture authentic experiences that happen through spontaneous engagements with a wide range of influencers in the city.
The objective is not to go to the tourist areas which is the usual first place people recommend, but to genuinely explore and connect with the core of the destination cities roots.


Ambassadors came home enlightened by the experience, energized by the people met and the areas/events they took part in. They feel the energy from a city unlike their own and ready to educate and implement the creative and imaginative city of Milwaukee.


Ambassadors then proceed with the post-trip interviews to complete the cycle from the pre-trip interviews. Questions asked: what did you think as soon as you landed?
tell me about the relationships you formed with the other ambassadors?
what did you experience in your destination city that you wished milwaukee could have?
can you imagine your business succeeding in the destination city?
what neighborhood gave you the most impactful experience?
what was your most frequently discussed topic on the trip?
what was your favorite all around connection you made?


Here is where we’ll take what we’ve experienced and learned and broadcast the content on as many digital channels as possible.
We will record and document all key moments from our trips to capture original content for broadcasting. The show will be an ever growing archive of innovation and discovery; it will provide our city with accessible and usable knowledge for future creative use.


We will identify a creative professional in the in the city BSMKE visited, and invite them to visit Milwaukee to continue the collaboration, information exchange, and cultural ambassadorship.