2nd Tree and it’s Third Fruit

2nd Tree and it’s Third Fruit


“At one time or another, there were no such things.”  -Poindexter + Prissy

Image size 41 x 26 inches, Framed size 46.25 x 31.25 inches

Designer: Reginald Baylor 

$55.00 packaging and shipping (Continental United States only)



Poindexter + Prissy certified print on vinyl is mounted on a MightyCore foam board substrate. The print is enhanced by a hand painted (expect texture variations) beige on ½” pinewood frame with a ½” face, and an elegant 2” wide wall profile.

Care: We suggest dusting with a clean dry cloth.  Your vinyl print can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if necessary.  Try to avoid excessive moisture and direct sunlight. 

Reginald Baylor Studio products are manufactured to order so please allow for approximately 6 weeks for delivery.