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Ovular Foliage


“Charles and Ray came together for the fiberglass, which grows just to be eco-friendly.” -Poindexter + Prissy

Designer: Reginald Baylor

Size: 70” x 70”

Includes Free Shipping (Continental United States only)


Poindexter + Prissy certified 100% polyester, mold resistant fabric, approximately 70 x 70 inches. Designed and printed in the USA.  Made with environmentally-friendly and fade resistant water-based dyes.  12 fabric sewn holes for shower curtain loops or hooks (not included).

Care:  Take it off the curtain rack. Wash the curtain with cold water on the delicate setting. You can use normal washer detergent as the cleaning agent. Dry the curtain at low heat on your dryer’s “tumble dry” setting. If you have a clothesline, you can also let the shower curtain air dry outdoors.  Iron the curtain on low heat if you need to remove wrinkles. Be “extremely” cautious when ironing polyester, as it’s easy to burn.

Reginald Baylor Studio products are manufactured to order so please allow for approximately 6 weeks max. for delivery.